Social protection

Social protection statistics contains data related to the main indicators of social protection in Albania which include all interventions by state and private bodies, aim to release the burden of families or individuals for a number of specific needs and functions. This intervention can be in the form of cash payments, in the form of reimbursements of expenses incurred by protected people or in the form of goods and services provided directly to the persons entitled to benefit from them.

The publication of statistical data on social protection includes information on beneficiaries of unemployment benefits, beneficiary families and persons in the economic assistance scheme, beneficiaries of disability payments, beneficiaries of urban and rural pensions in the social insurance scheme, etc. These statistics aim at quantitative and dynamic assessment of social developments and policies.

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Social protection statistics are based on administrative data. Collection, processing and publication of the social protection statistics refers to:

  • Law 17/2018 “On official statistics”;
  • National Program of Official Statistics 2017-2021;
  • Memorandum of cooperation with institutions that are a source of information.

The main variables of administrative data on social protection are grouped in the following categories:

  • Families and beneficiaries in the economic assistance scheme, fund and amount of assistance;
  • Beneficiary in the unemployment benefit scheme;
  • Beneficiaries in the pension scheme, urban and rural;
  • Beneficiary in the disability payment scheme.


Resources for producing and updating variables:

  • Social Insurance Institute;
  • National Employment and Skills Agency;
  • State Social Service.


Social protection schemes are a special set of rules supported by one or more institutional units that regulate the provision of social protection benefits and their financing.

Pensions of all categories are determined according to Law no. 7703, dated 11.05.1993 "On Social Insurance in the Republic of Albania", amended.

Old-age pension is a periodic cash payment paid to an insured person in order to maintain income from work even after reaching the legal age of retirement.

Survivor  pension is a periodic cash payment to people whose entitlement results from their relationship with a deceased person protected by the pension scheme.

Disability pension is a monthly payment in cash which are entitled to receive insured persons who has lost the ability to work due to an illness, a handicap, or an injury.

A person with disability is a person, child, or adult, with long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory impairments, which in interaction with various barriers can hinder his/her full and effective participation in society as a regular member of society.

Economic assistance is a periodic cash payment given to families without income or low-income and certain categories of people in need.

Disability payment is a cash and in-kind benefit given to people with disabilities who meet the conditions to qualify as such, in order to facilitate their daily lives.

Unemployment benefit is a cash benefit given to persons who leave the labor market as unemployed and who have contributed to their social security for not less than 12 months. Unemployment benefit lasts for a period of up to 12 months.