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The statistical service in the republic of Albania is realized by:

  • Institute of Statistics (INSTAT);

  • Statistical agencies charged by law for the production of official statistics;

  • Statistics departments in ministries and other central institutions;

  • Legal and physical person

Before the creation of the Albanian state in 1912, the statistical service did not exist

In the year 1924 for the first time a statistical service office was established that kept various economic records at the ministry of Road Maintenance and Agriculture. The activity of this office was limited to agricultural inventories including the number of farmers, the type and the amount of land use with agricultural and livestock crops, as well as in some shallow statistics on industry,trade,export-import and prices. For the first time the statistical service in Albania is institutionalized with Decree no. 121, 08/04/1940.

The statistical system in the Albanian State was established by Decision no.35, date 13/01/1945 with the establishment of the Directorate of Statistics attached to the Council of Ministers. This directorate later passed under the auspices of State Planning Commission.

Today, pursuant to law no. 17, dated 05/04/2018 “ On official statistics”, this system consists of a number of institutions in charge of producing official statistics and other institutions, public or not, which release statistics in various fields for monitoring or implementing their development policies.

The National Statistical System performs the activity in accordance with the above law, and the Multi-Annual Statistical Program which is approved by a special decision of the Albanian Parliament. Responsible for the implementation of the Program and monitoring of the Statistical System is the Institute of Statistical (INSTAT) as the main instituion producing official statistics.