Household Budget Survey, 2016

In 2016, the average monthly consumption expenditures[1]  of households composed of 3.7 persons on average are 73.143 ALL. The total consumption expenditure is 56.1 billion ALL per month for 768,311 households. The average consumption expenditures per capita for an individual is estimated to be 19,591 ALL per month of which: 8,861 ALL for food consumption and 10,730 ALL for non-food consumption.

The estimation of the monthly average consumption expenditure of the household, in 2016 is 4.2 percent higher than in 2015. The growth of the consumer prices recorded in 2016 compared to 2015 is 1.3 percent.

[1] Monthly average consumption expenditures of households are the total average expenditures of one household in Albania, which are collected on a monthly basis after being collected from the survey throughout the year. In the following we will briefly refer to the "average monthly consumption expenditures" with the term "consumption expenditures".

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