Household Budget Survey, 2014

During the period of January 2014- December 2014, INSTAT conducted the Household Budget Survey (HBS) on a sample size of 7,836 private households, which ensures the description of consumption expenditures of the households, that were usual residents in Albania during that year. In the reference period, the average monthly consumption expenditures are estimated to be about 69 thousand ALL taking into account that a household is composed by 3.8 persons on average. In 2014, the total amount of monthly consumption expenditures of households from the survey is estimated at about 52,6 billion ALL, where the number of Albanian households in the same year is estimated at about 758 thousand. Considering the per capita monthly consumption expenditures in the one year period of the survey, an individual in Albania spends on average about 18 thousand ALL, of which 8 thousand ALL are spend for food and 10 thousand for non-food consumption

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