Consumer price Index, February 2016

Consumer Price Index in February 2016 arrived 102.0 % considerate December 2015 as base period.

In February 2016 the annual rate of consumer price is 0.2 %. A year before the annual rate was 2.3 %.

Contribution of main groups in yearly changes of CPI: Annual growth rate in February was push up mainly from "Food and non-alcoholic beverage" group by +0.78 p.p.  Prices of "Education service" group contributed by + 0.19 p.p. in annual rate. Prices of "Alcoholic beverages and tobacco" group contributed by +0.13 p.p... Prices of "Hotel, coffee-house and restaurants" and "Recreation and culture" groups contributed respectively by +0.03 and +0.02 p.p.. Price of "Housing, water, electricity gas and other fuel" group contributed by -0.27 p.p..  Prices of "Transport" groups, contributed by -0.26 p.p.. Prices of "Clothing and footwear" group contributed by -0.14 p.p.. Prices of "Health" and "Communication" group contributed respectably by-0.09 and -0.03 p.p.

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