Publication and Dissemination

INSTAT will use several dissemination channels for the Census data:

  1. Preparation of publications with the main results of Census based on the tabulation plan, which will also enable comparison with previous Censuses
  2. On the web - all the tables with the main results will be published in the Census dedicated section
  3. Statistical database - which will enable the combination of different census data according to the user’s needs
  4. Preparation of specific tables according to user requirements
  5. Microdata will be made public for users for scientific purposes respecting the INSTAT regulation of access to microdata

When Census data will be published?

  • June 2024: Launch of the final census results at the national level
  • October 2024: Launch of the final census results at the prefecture / municipality level
  • December 2024: Census data and metadata are sent to Eurostat
  • June 2024 - 31 December 2024: Thematic analyses on various topics
  • December 2025: Microdata available for external users.