Structural Business Statistics / Structural Business Statistics


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All variables (143)
District Code
Statistical weight
Persons employeed - SBS
Persons employeed - SBS
Self-employed owner and co-owner
Self-employed owner and co-owner
Self-employed family members
Self-employed family members
Employees - SBS
Employees - SBS
Employed - average number
Self-employed - average number
Self-employed - average number
Employees - average number
Profit and Losses
The average number of full-time employees
The average number of full-time employees
Profit and Losses
The average number of part-time employees
The average number of part-time employees
Profit and Losses
Wages and Salaries
Wages and Salaries
Net Sales
Sales of its own products
Sale of works and services
Sale of works and services
Sale of works and services
Other income
Other Income from Rent
Other Income from Land Rent
Other Commissions Fees
Other income from transportation to others
Other income from other income
Income from other exploitation activities
Production for capital and the enterprise purposes
Manufacturing of long-term assets
Income from grants and subsidies
Income from sales of long-term assets
Other current income
Changes in inventory of finished goods and work in process
Financial Income
Interest income
Dividend income
Other financial income
Consumed materials
Purchased material
Material Condition Changes (+/-)
Purchased goods
Changes of goods conditions(+-)
Purchasing of power,water vapor
Purchases and other expenses
Labor cost
Staff salaries
Costs for social insurance and health
Other contributions and quotas for the staff
Other expenses for the staff
Personnel medical expenses
Amortization and devaluation
Other operating expenses
Works and services from third parties
Rent costs
Paid rent for the land
Maintenance and repairs
Expenditures for all types of insurance
Expenditure on studies and research
Other expenses ( for translations, photocopies, etc.)
Personnel outside the unit
Expenses for concessions, patents, licenses and similiar
Expenditure on advertising services
Outings, trips, diets
Postal and telecommunications expenses
Transport expenses
Expenditures on banking services (excluding passive interests)
General Treatments
Finance lease
Taxes and fees
Taxes and Customs Tariffs
Local taxes and fees
Registration Fee
Other taxes
Other costs
Total Expenses
Profit or loss from the main activity
Financial expenses
Financial Spending by Interest
Financial Dividend Expenditures
Other financial expenses
Profit ( loss) before tax
Income tax expenses
Net profit ( loss) for the financial year
Legal Status
Legal Form
Economic activity (description)
Other works
Complex constructions on industrial sites
Pipelines, comunication and eletricity lines
Transport infrastructure
Building Maintenance
Response indicator
Third Quartile
Second Quartile
First Quartile
Wages for the employees for the year
Added value with basic prices
Intermediate consumption
Economic Activity
Total investments
Intangible investments
Investments in research and development
Mineral exploration
Computer programs and databases
Patents,trademarks and similiar
Intangible investment
Incorporating investments
Investing in Earth, lands, lands
Investment in Land Improvement
Investment in Buildings
Dwellings (Residental buildings)
Non-residential buildings
Engineering buildings and other constructions
General construction and installation
Investments in technical installations, machinery, equipment and tools
Means of transport
Office furniture
ICT equipment
The average number of part-time employees
The average number of full-time employees