Steering Body

The Steering Body shall be the governing body of INSTAT, which is responsible for determining the institution’s development strategy and proposing plans on budget implementation and the manner of its revenues distribution. The duties of the Board are defined in Law no. 17/2018 "On official statistics". The Steering Body shall be composed of senior level civil servants of INSTAT organizational structure, but no lower than middle level management, referring to the structured organization adopted by the Assembly's decision.

The Steering Board of the Institute of Statistics consists of:

  1. Ms. Elsa Dhuli, Head
  2. Mr. Maldi Dema, Deputy Chairperson
  3. Mr. Alban Çela, Member
  4. Ms. Helda Mitre, Member
  5. Ms. Elona Sevrani, Member
  6. Ms. Anisa Caka, Member
  7. Mr. Klajd Shuka, Member
  8. Mr. Denis Kristo, Member
  9. Ms. Olsida Çapo, Member
  10. Mr. Vacant, Member
  11. Mr. Altin Xhikneli, Member
  12. Ms. Irena Lumi, Member
  13. Mr. Etugert Llazi, Member
  14. Ms. Nexhmije Leçini, Member

Secretariat of the Steering Board:

  1. Ms. Estela Karaj
  2. Ms. Marinela Serdani
  3. Ms. Silvana Shehu