Gross Domestic Product, Q2 - 2016

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the second quarter of 2016 in volume terms has increased by 3.21% compared with the second quarter of 2015. The main contribution to this increase gave the branches of the economy such as Trade Hotels and Restaurants and Transport by 0.70 percentage point,Professional services and Administrative services by 0.51 percentage point,Real estate activity by 0.43 percentage point,Public administration, Education and Health by 0.35 percentage point, Information and Communication by 0.23 percentage point,Industry, Electricity and Water by 0.18 percentage point,Other services by 0.17 percentage point, Construction by 0.16 percentage point,Financial and insurance services by 0.09 percentage point. The branch that gave a negative contribution is Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing by 0.32 percentage point.Net taxes on products contributed positively by 0.72 percentage point

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