The Annual Plan for the implementation of the Official Statistics Program

According to Articles 9 and 10 of Law no. 17/2018 "On official statistics", the Annual Plan for the implementation of the Official Statistics Program is submitted to the Albanian Parliament for approval. The document serves to forecast statistical activities in the fulfillment of strategic objectives and expected results provided in the Program of Official Statistics 2017-2021, approved by Albanian Parliament Decision no. 10/2017, dated on 09.02.2017.

Based on point 2 of article 9 of the law on official statistics, INSTAT in cooperation with other statistical agencies, part of the National Statistical System, is responsible for preparing the Annual Plan, to plan the operations, resources and expected results of the reference year, also to define the responsibilities of the actors involved in providing, collecting, processing, producing and publishing official statistics.

The document presents the statistical activities to be performed by INSTAT, the Bank of Albania and Ministry of Finance and Economy during the one-year period, according to the relevant statistical themes which they are responsible, accompanied by deadlines and periodicities of implementation, institutions responsible for providing statistical information and the transmission frequency of this information. The document also contains an analysis of the risks and expected problems during the year in which it will be implemented.