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Statistical information on tourism is assembled every three months from statistical offices distributed in districts and is send directly to the accommodation structures. Based on the statistical program various data on number of hotels, their capacity (number of rooms and beds), as well as frequency of reservations from Albanians and foreigners are collected by these structures.The statistical program allows data collection from the Ministry of Public Order every three months on the entrances and exits in the borders according to the type of traveling of Albanian and foreign citizens. Foreigners are also asked on their aim of visit and citizenship.






Includes the activity of people who travel and stay in places different from their usual habitat at a period not longer than 12 months and the aim of travel is leisure time, business etc.




For statistical purposes on tourism, the term "visitor" represents a "person who travels in a different place from that in which he resides, in a period shorter than 12 months and major aim of travel in the place visited is a non-profit activity".

All travelers included in tourism are visitors. The term "visitor" represents the basic concept for the whole database on tourism. The term "visitor" is further on for statistical use and in compliance with the forms of tourism is classified in two groupings: "daily visitors" and tourist "overnight visitors".




Is a person who spends at least one night in hostelry structures of the country visited.


Daily visitor


Is a person who does not spend any night in the hostelry structures of the country visited.


On the type of tourism visitors are classified as:


International visitors


  • Tourists (night staying visitors)
  • Daily visitors


Domestic visitors


  • Tourists (night staying visitors)
  • Daily visitors



As a group includes hotels, motels, highway hotels, beach hotels which offer more services than cleaning and sanitary services.



In many countries in the world, tourist activity is considered even more important than productive activity in economic and social activity.
Developed tourism is witnessed when a strong "request" exists, where natural benefits like climate, natural beauties, environment and relevant structures favor it and transport communication plays a decisive role.
Development of tourism is closely related to investments and employment. In this frame, during 2009-2010 activities like hostelry, restaurant and bars, commercial centers, transport communication and other different infrastructure constructions favoring growing employment in tourist areas, have increased. Incomes from tourism are reflected in the balance sheet offering the possibility to be invested for the development of important tourist areas.
In 2010 arrivals of foreign citizens in Albania is increased 30.2 percent compared with 2010, that mainly from Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro. Number of clients in hotels is increased 23.9 percent compared with previous years.  For 2010 the average hotel overnights was 2.5.


Data Sources


Hotels and frequency of visitors-Quarterly Survey of Enterprises
Data on entrances and exits of foreign and Albanian citizens in the borders-Ministry of Interior, Department for Border and Migration