22/08/2017PricesHarmonized Index of Consumer PricesJuly 2017
04/09/2017PricesConstruction Cost Index for DwellingsQ2 - 2017
05/09/2017PricesProducer Price IndexQ2 - 2017

Fields of activities covered in this theme are:


Consumer Price Index
Producer Price Index
Construction Cost Index


CPI measures the change in the consumer price of a fixed basket of goods and services in the current period compared with another period considered as the base period. The base period of CPI is December 2007.
Consumer Price Index is used as:


  • Official measurement of inflation in Albania
  • Deflator for National Accounts sector
  • Deflator for calculating volume indices
  • variable for macro-economic analysis
  • Deflator for indexation of wages, pensions and income


For monetary policy of the Bank of Albania

INSTAT currently conducts quarterly survey near productive economic enterprises that carry out their activity in the branch of industry. The purpose of this survey is to collect information on the performance of producer prices of industrial products produced by manufacturing and traded them in domestic and non-domestic market. Data collected for enterprises with production activities in "Mining and quarrying" industries, "Manufacturing" industry, electricity, steam, water and gas. Periodicity is three months. Base period for PPI is 2005.
Total construction cost index includes construction costs for buildings and engineering works. Currently INSTAT estimates construction costs only for buildings. Calculating in 2013 cost index for engineering works will be enable the calculation of Total Construction Cost Index.

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