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29/09/2017National AccountQuarterly, Gross Domestic ProductQ2 - 2017
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29/12/2017National AccountQuarterly, Gross Domestic ProductQ3 - 2017

National Accounts

National accounts play an important role in economic policy making and are the basis of information to demonstrate the development and structural changes of the economy. They provide to users detailed information on the production, revenues and expenditures of specific sectors of an economy producing assets, welfare, etc.

Since June 2014, Albania gained the status of candidate country for accession to the European Union. Status which is associated with a range of obligations to be fully aligned with European Union standards. Part of these obligations is the development of statistics and particularly those of National Accounts, in accordance with the Data Transmission Programme of ESA 2010.

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This document presents the programme of national accounts data delivery within the framework of the new European System of National and Regional Accounts (ESA 2010), as defined in Annex B of the Council Regulation (EU) No 549/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013. ESA 2010 is the newest internationally compatible European Union (EU) accounting framework for a systematic and detailed description of an economy. ESA 2010 was published in the Official Journal on 26 June 2013. It will be implemented as from September 2014.

An intense work in the field of national accounts statistics for the improvement and extension of macroeconomic indicators, in accordance with ESA 2010, is done. The implementation of this methodology is very important as it ensures the compilation of national accounts statistics in a consistent manner, the comparable, reliable and updated, enabling the description of the economy of a country or its regions fully comparable with other countries' economies. Of course the road towards full implementation of the ESA 2010 is not easy and requires commitment and cooperation of all stakeholders of the economy, whether these governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations, businesses or households, whose statistics comprise the base source of information and they are very important for developing complete system of national accounts.

Actually, albanian national accounts are structured as follows:

1-    Annual national accounts,

2-    Quarterly national accounts,

3-    Regional and General Goverment national accounts

4-    Supply&Use and Input &Output tables  


A description of the sources and methods used in national accounts is available below. It is one of the main methodological manuals of national accounts in Albania, designed for the first time in 2010, within the framework of IPA 2007 National project and it was frequently updated in the framework of the projects Multi-Regional IPA 2008 and IPA 2009 (Available only in English)

The descriptions of the sources and methods used in national accounts are available below (available only in English). The manuals are updated version of previous manual designed for the first time in 2010. The review process of the manual was carried out within the project Multi-Regional cooperation IPA 2012 and reflects all revisions of national accounts estimates, as a result of methodological changes in ESA 2010 and development of new statistical sources. As well the previous description was extended into five separate parts for each field of national accounts.


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Implementimi i ESA 2010 dhe NVE Rev.2 në Llogaritë Kombëtare Vjetore

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