Publication of wages and salaries data contains detailed data on the level of wages, distribution and their change over a year. These statistics offer an opportunity to compare salaries in different industries and for different occupational groups. Real wage growth and gender pay gap are also of particular importance to the monitoring of economic indicators that are used by policy-makers, employers and trade unions to assess job supply and job requirements.


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Administrative data on Wages and Salaries according to administrative sources in Albania refer to the official minimum wage and the average monthly gross wage and salary per employee.

Legal Base

  • National Statistical Law No.9180 “On Official Statistics”, date 05.02.2004, as amended
  • Official Statistics National Programme 2017-2021
  • Memorandum of Cooperation with the General Directorate of Taxation

The main variables of administrative data on wages are grouped into the following categories:

Identification variables

  • NIPT, Legal Form, Ownership, Name, Address, Communication (Tel, Fax etc.)

Lier variables

  • Main economic activity, size by employees,

Individual economic variables

  • Total gross wages. Contributions to the employer and employee, working days and holiday days etc.


Sources for updating variables

Administrative resources

  • General Directorate of Taxation
  • Regional Statistical Offices

Updated variables are:

  • Data on wages and salaries declared in the General Directorate of Taxation
  • Data on contributions declared in the General Directorate of Taxation


Average monthly wage is the gross wage of an employee for the work performed. This is constituted by the following elements:

  • Basic wage for job performed
  • Additional payment for managerial duties
  • Additional payment for years at work
  • Additional payment for difficult working conditions
  • Other regular additional payments
  • Social security contributions and taxation on income are not deducted from the average monthly wage.

 Real growth of wage - is the ratio of annual percentage change of wages over the annual percentage change of price index during the reference period.

Minimum wage - is the lower wage paid out for an employee approved by the Government.