General Balance of Energy

Balance of energy is an abstract of balances of all available energetic sources. The annual balance of energy is for the country has been drawn up since 1998. The energy balance presents in its relevant chapters the supply by purpose (use) of the energy unit. It presents the origin and the specific use by energy sources and it is shaped in two main parts, the supply and consumption of energy.

The main source is National Agency of Natural Resources and annual balance of energy is measured in kilo ton oil equivalent (ktoe).

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General annual energy balance

General annual energy balance presents the current situation on energy sector in Albania. It presents the origin and specific use of energy source and is composed by two main elements:

Supply part is estimated as the energy flow as long as the total production corresponds to the "visible consumption". The ratio between the total domestic energy productions with the total energy consumption, determines the level of energetic independence of the country in national level and by source of energy.

Consumption of energy or the energy flow calculated after the use of "intermediary" consumption, or "final" consumption.

The general annual energy balance sheet for the country is presented in kilo ton oil equivalent (ktoe) and the data are provided by National Agency of Natural Resources.


Gross inland consumption is equal to: Production + Import - Export   Stock Change.

Stock measurement covers the producers, importers, transmitters, transformers and final users of energy, when they are recognized.

Final energy consumption is the energy supplied to the final users, according to the origin and all kinds of energies without limitations.

Final non - energetic consumption calculates the use of energy as raw material for non - energetic consumption.

Primary energy is the brut energy after being obtained excluding transformation, (lignite, crude oil, natural gas, hydro or nuclear energy, etc).

Secondary energy is the energy obtained through transformation of a primary energy or a secondary one (particularly the electric energy produced by thermal energy).