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Business statistics include information  about:


Structure Business Statistics


Structure busines statistics contain detailed data covering all businesses broke down by economic activities and size of enterprises. A large number of variables are provided by annual survey near the enterprises.
The purpose of business statistics is to offer to the user data about evolution the economy of a country in short term period, the economic-financial structure of enterpirses during a year.
The priorities are define conform to European regulation for Structure Busieness Statistics, No.58/97, 20 dhjetor 1996 amended, by Nr 295/2008.


Short Term Statistics (including here and Retail trade)


Short term statistics comprise monthly and quarterly economic indicators, such turnover index, production index, volum of construction, employees index. Wages and salaries index, etc. INSTAT collect, process and provide the short terms statistical information conform European regulation for short term statistics, no Nr1165/98 datë 19.05.1998, amended by 1503/2006. Short terma statistic cover activities as industry, construction, trade and services.
Quarterly indices give information on the trend of economy in quarterly basis, fulfil the needs of domestic users for the calculation of macro indicators, helps decision takers in the compilation of economic policy, in th eanalysis and scientific studies of national and international institutions, as well as in the studies of individuals and businesses.

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