Business Register in Albania

The Statistical Business Register contains detailed information of enterprises that carry on economic activities to Albanian territory. This information can serve as indicators of both short-term and structural economic developments.

At the end of 2018 the Business register contained 162,835 active enterprises, an increase of 0.2 % compared to 2017;

20,279 enterprises were registered during 2018, a decrease of around 18 % compared to registrations during year 2017.


40,935 are farmers registered to tax offices with Identification Number to Persons of Taxation (NIPT).

Albanian economy is focused mainly in trade activity. This phenomena  shows also in new registrations; where enterprises registered during 2018 in trade activity are approximately 23%.

“Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles” continues to be dominant in the group of non-agriculture enterprises.

Big enterprises with 50 and more employed represent only 1.2 % of total active enterprises but their contribution to employment is significant, almost half of those employed work in big enterprises.



Most of the economic units are concentrated in Tirana territory, and the fewest in the municipality of Fushë-Arrëz.

About 50 % of total active enterprises are located in Tirana, Fier and Korça. Prefecture of Tirana counted the highest number with 53,767 enterprises and the prefecture of Kukës counted the lowest ones with 1,974 enterprises. The situation has been the same during last year.

Enterprises with foreigner owners or foreigner and Albanian partners covered around 4 % of total active enterprises and employ 10 % of total of employment.

Enterprises from European countries represent 65 % of total foreign and joint enterprises. Enterprises with partners from Italy and Greece make up 53 % of total foreign and joint enterprises.

About 80 percent of these companies are located in the prefectures of Tirana and Durrës. Economic activity such as: management consultancy and wholesale trade activities have mainly foreign owners or co-owners.

Women as owners /administrators represent 26% of total active enterprises compared to of 30 % on year 2017.


 Ndërmarrjet aktive të huaja e të përbashkëta sipas karakteristikave


Concentration of women as owners or administrators is higher in trade activity with around 40 %. The highest percentage of enterprises managed by women is in prefecture of Tirana with 41 %.

Enterprises headed by women are mainly micro enterprises with 1-4 employed and represent 91 % of this group. However 20 % of big enterprises, with 50 and more employed are managed or owned by women

1,608 enterprises have more than one location. These represent only 1.0 % of total number of active enterprises but employ 27 % of total employment.

Enterprises in the sector financial activities, like banks, have the highest number of employed for multi-location enterprises.

Local units are concentrated mainly in Tirana, Fier and Elbasan municipalities with 54 % of total active local units.

The most developed region is the center region, where 41 % of total enterprises operate. The situation is the same for new registrations during 2018 with 49 %. The contribution in employment is around 54 %. Trade economic activity represents 32 % of active enterprises in the center region. This phenomenon is similar in all prefectures as well as all municipalities.

Farmers who sell their products are registered to tax offices and provide a unique Identification Number to Persons of Taxation (NIPT). This registration process makes it possible for farmers to have a legal personality and to be part of statistical business register. The number of farmers at the end of year 2018 is 40,953 compared to 36,520 in year 2017.

Distribution of enterprises by prefectures



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