Women and Men in Albania 2020

Preface and acknowledgements “Men and Women in Albania, 2020” “Men and Women in Albania” is an annual publication, which presents data on different areas of life divided by gender, in order to reflect the problems of society in terms of achieving gender equality. The chapters included in this publication reflect different areas of gender-based data that have been processed and placed in context by INSTAT staff making them easier and more understandable to the general public. The statistics and indicators presented in this publication will serve policy makers, academia, civil society and various users to analyze in a broader context the gender developments in Albania. The main purpose of the publication is to present gender data, aiming to not only collect, analyze and present statistics by gender, but also to reflect the society’s problems in monitoring cross-sectorial policies on achieving gender equality. In this year’s publication are 2 new chapters, social indicators from householdsurveys in the family and indicators on human rights. The publication also contains the Gender Inequality Index and the Minimal Set of Gender Index, which includes 52 indicators by the Statistical Commission in collaboration with UN Women to measure gender indicators, 22 of those indicators are of Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve this full publication of gender indicators I want to thank all the staff of INSTAT.

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