Women and Men in Albania 2019


The publication “Women and Men in Albania, 2018” brings to the public comprehensive information on gender statistics in Albania. The chapters comprising the publication “Women and Men in Albania, 2018” include various areas of gender-based data which have been collected from several survey studies conducted by INSTAT and from the information available in other state institutions in Albania. The publication aims mainly at displaying data dis-aggregated by gender, aiming at the collection, analysis, and presentation of statistics by gender, and mirroring the social issues encountered on the cross-cutting policies monitoring, in the framework of achieving gender equality. This publication this year comes to the public with more complete information on gender statistics in our country and some related innovations. They are presented for the first time in more detail gender data from demographic health survey such as smoking, alcohol, body mass index, consumption of vegetables and fruits etc. An important part of this publication is the list of the minimum set of gender indicators, revised in 2018 to comply with UN Sustainable Development Indicators. This list of indicators this year has been added even more, using data from the survey of violence against women and girls, data by the demographic health survey, as well as some administrative data.

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