Tourism in Figures, 2018


The Institute of Statistics of Albania (INSTAT) in cooperation with the Bank of Albania drafted for the first time a special publication of the main indicators on tourism in Albania. Referring to the period from 2013-2017, statistics regarding foreign and domestic tourists in Albania aim to monitor the characteristics and developments of tourism in our country. In the new communication strategy, INSTAT has been oriented to meet the needs of users by targeting different user groups. The material reflects some of the basic requirements and needs of some user groups for data on foreign and domestic tourists and their impact on the Albanian economy. This dedicated publication presents figures on economic reality in the country and answers to growing demands for statistical information of decision-makers, researchers and academics in Albania. The preparation of this material is enabled thanks to the cooperation and administrative data provided by the Bank of Albania, ministries and other institutions. Tourism statistics are under the focus of INSTAT, where work has begun for the construction of Tourism Satellite Accounts. Cooperation with other institutions and policy makers increases the responsibility of INSTAT for compiling specific publications and statistical information that would serve to better understand the economic reality in order to face the challenges of the future. INSTAT will always provide continues partnership and fruitful cooperation, as this publication also proves.

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