Labour Cost Survey / LCS


INSTAT publishes the main results of the Labor Cost Survey (LCS), referring to the financial year 2016. The survey field work was in the period April-May 2017. The quadrennial Labor Cost Survey is carried out by enterprises and constitutes one of the main sources for measuring the levels and structure of labor costs. Labor Costs include employee payments, cash and in-kind wages, social security contributions -the share of the employer, the costs of vocational training, other expenses incurred by the enterprise as per employee recruitment, clothing, housing, and other expenses. You can find referencial metadata in the link below:

All variables (55)
Questionnaire Number
Identification number for the taxable enterprise (NIPT)
Municipality code
Name of Administrator
Enterprise name
Web adress
Phone Number
Mobile number
Citizen Name
Phone Number
Mobile number
Email Address
Year of interview
Statistical weight
Economic activity (description)
Number of months the enterprise has been active
Hours actually worked by full-time employees (excluding apprentices)
Total number of Employees
Hours actually worked
Full-Time employees
Hours actually worked by part-time employees (excluding apprentices)
Part-Time employees
Hours actually worked by apprentices
Hours actually worked by full-time employees
Paid hours for part-time employees (excluding apprentices)
Paid hours for apprentices
Wages and Salaries ( excluding apprentices)
Direct remuneration, bonuses and allowances
Direct remuneration, bonuses and allowances paid in each pay period
Direct remuneration, bonuses and allowances not paid in each paid period
Payments to employees' savings schemes
Payments for days not worked
Wages and salaries in kind
Company products
Staff housing
Company cars
Stock options and share purchase schemes
Other wages and salaries
Wages and salaries of apprentices
Employers' social contributions
Employers' actual social contributions( excluding apprentices)
Statutory social-security contributions
Collectively agreed, contractual and voluntery social-security contributions)
Employers' imputed social contributions(excluding apprentices)
Guaranted remuneration in the event of sickness
Employers' imputed social contributions for pensions and health care
Payments to employees leaving the enterprise
Other imputed social contributions of the employer
Vocational training costs
Other expenditure paid by the employer
Subsidies received by the employer