Organisational Structure

The organizational structure of INSTAT is proposed by Statistical Council and approved by a special order of Prime Minister. The total number of INSTAT 's employees ( including Statistical Directorates in districts ) is approved by Council of Ministers every year. The recruitment of the INSTAT's staff should be done in compliance with the regulates stipulated in the law on "Status of the civil servants" No. 152/2013, as amended.

Director General

Secretary General

General Directorate of Supporting Services and  Coordination 

General Directorate of Information Technology and Data Collection
Helda Mitre

General Directorate of Statistical Production
Elsa Dhuli

Directorate of Communication and Publications
Altin Xhikneli

Directorate of Coordination and Legal Affairs
Maldi Dema

Department of Real Sector Statistics
Elton Alika

Economic Statistics Directory
Etugert Llazi

Regional Statistics Directory
Ervin Shameti

Finance and Services Directory
Liljana Brahja

Social Statistics Directory
Majlinda Nesturi

National Accounts Directory
Elona Sevrani

Information Technology Directory
Alma Kondi 

Agricultural and Environmental Statistics Directory
Denis Kristo