Official Statistics National Program

The Official Statistics Programme is the basic document that defines the development strategy for official statistics and the National Statistical System for the five-year period, aiming at meeting user requirements for qualitative statistics.

The program is prepared by INSTAT in cooperation with statistical agencies, taking into consideration the opinion of the Council of Statistics. The program is sent to the Council of Ministers to propose to the Assembly.

This document is compiled in accordance with the provisions of Articles 7 and 8 of Law no. 17/2018 "On official statistics". In addition, INSTAT is responsible for the implementation and reporting on the implementation of the Official Statistics Program to the Council of Statistics and the Assembly.

The Official Statistics Program also serves for the orientation of INSTAT and other statistical agencies towards the quality of statistical outputs according to standards envisaged by European Statistics Code of Practice and Acquis Communautaire.

Official Statistics National Program, 2012 - 2016

Official Statistics National Program, 2017 - 2021