Title of the Project: Support for the Implementation of Population and Housing Census 2020 activities in Albania.

Financed by: European Union, IPA II

Implementation period: 28.06.2019 – 28.06.2023

Beneficiary: INSTAT

Implementing Agency: CFCU

The overall objective of the Population and Housing Census 2020 (PHC 2020) is to provide the government, other stakeholders and the public with relevant statistical information on the social and demographical structure of the population in Albania and will also contribute to the creation of a building and dwelling register and of resident population register, which will be the source of annual population and housing statistics in the future.

The objective of the grant is to support the National Institute of Statistics of Albania in carrying out operational activities of the Albanian PHC 2020.

The technical assistance project will be implemented through the following key Activities:

  • Activity 1: Census methodology and activities implemented and monitored successfully, and project management documentation developed and updated
  • Activity 2: Census questionnaire finalized and other Census materials (instruction manuals, training materials) prepared
  • Activity 3: Census mapping and geospatial activities for pre-enumeration phase, enumeration and post-enumeration phase prepared and finalized
  • Activity 4: Tabulation, analysis and dissemination of Census results is successfully conducted
  • Activity 5: Data collection using electronic questionnaire (CAPI) developed, tested and finalized
  • Activity 6: A communication strategy is developed, implemented and monitored