Title of the Project: Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Capacity Boost

Financed by: European Union, IPA II

Implementation period: 01/08/2017-31/07/2019

Beneficiaries: Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus.

Implementing Agency: The National Association of Small and Medium Business (NASMB), Bulgaria.

This project comes in the framework of the “Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020” Programme which has been identified as a structured tool to strengthen cooperation in the area, capitalizing on experiences and results achieved so far.

Accordingly, the Programme supports the know-how and experiences’ sharing, improvement of the public policies and networking, between national, regional and local authorities and other territorial actors of the whole Balkan Mediterranean cooperation area.

The “Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020” The Programme brings together five (5) countries, three (3) EU member states (MS), Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece, and two (2) candidate countries (CC), Albania and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The overall objective of the Project is to boost transnational innovation capacity of SMEs and support them to make sustainable network formations, including innovation clusters with other SMEs from the BM region in order to share know how and develop innovations, through bringing together triple helix partners and equipping SMEs with relevant data, tools and systems.

The expected results of the project are:

  • Reduction of the innovations gap by suggesting transnational cluster formations.
  • Boost SME competitiveness by increasing knowledge and understanding of current innovation capacity and strengthening SME capacity by providing the necessary toolkit and strategies.
  • Improve the international capacity of innovation.
  • Increase knowledge and understanding within SMEs regarding their innovation capacity.
  • Enable know-how sharing and networking by suggesting transnational cluster formations.
  • Support policy makers in fact-based decision-making in the area of innovations by providing statistical data for benchmarking on transnational, national, sectoral and SME level.

SAT http://smeinnoboost.bas.bg/sat/