Title of the Project: “Institutional Capacity Development in Statistics” Phase V

Financed by: Sida - Swedish International Development Agency

Implementation period: January 2018 – December 2020

Beneficiary: Albanian Institute of Statistics, INSTAT

Implementing Agency: Statistics Sweden (SCB) and INSTAT

The overall objective of the cooperation project between INSTAT and Statistics Sweden is to contribute to the development of a sustainable statistical system in Albania where INSTAT understands its true needs and independently builds internal and external institutional capacity and produces statistics that are user-friendly and used by key stakeholders. This last phase of the cooperation will be characterised by INSTAT taking full ownership of all working processes.

The priority areas for technical assistance throughout the project phase include Management, Methodology and Production, Information and Communication Technology, etc.

Environment statistics has been introduced under the Methodology/production component due to EU requirements to develop statistics in this area.