The 48th session of the Statistical Commission of the United Nations

07 Mar 2017 - 07 Mar 2017
New York

The speech of Director General of INSTAT, Mrs. Delina Ibrahimaj in support of the draft resolution to further strengthen the role of the Institute of Statistics in the National Statistical System

Thank you Madame Chair,

I would like to join the other colleagues in congratulating you on the reelection as a chair of the statistical commission.

Albania will associate itself to the statement delivered by Malta on behalf of the European Union. In my national capacity I would like to reaffirm the support of the government of Albania for draft resolution on the Work of the UN Statistical Commission pertaining to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as it stands.

We consider this document as a very important tool for developing official statistics to the national, regional and global level. We consider very important the paragraphs 7 - 10 of the draft resolution in strengthening the role of the NSI in the National Statistical System.

In addition the government of Albania has committed on the inclusion of the SDG indicators in the National Strategy for Integration and Development 2015-2020 and the work has already started with the NSI having a central role in this important process of the implementation of the agenda 2030.