Survey on Scientific Research development and innovation at private companies and public institutions in Albania

The purpose of the survey

To provide statistical information on the scientific research at private companies operating in Albania and public institutions as government institutions, universities and non-governmental institutions. Also, through this survey we will obtain information for the Innovations that companies perform to improve the services, products or goods produced.

The survey is a joint initiative between UNESCO and INSTAT.

Questionnaires were built in cooperation with UNESCO experts based on the recommendations of the handbook "Frascati" for scientific research and development and the manual "OSLO" for Innovation.

Specific Objectives

- To present the financial resources used for scientific research and experimental development, types of activities where the scientific research activity is performed and the reason why it is carried out;

- To provide information on the personnel involved in the processes of scientific research, development and innovation, their educational level and involvement of women in scientific research activities;

- To provide information on efforts of Albanian or foreign businesses operating in Albania taken to improve technology for new product launches and new goods, to upgrade the existing ones, to improve service, etc..

The main groups of information

A- General information on companies / public institutions - identification, economic activity, economic and financial data;

B- Information on the scientific research-development  and analysis by type of research (basic, applied, experimental), activity by sectors, cooperation with other contractors, the number of employees, of which how much women, education of employees dealing with research, as well as some predictions for the future in this regard;

C- Information on innovation - analysis of new technologies, new methods of logistics, operations updates on products and goods companies have issued, analysis of information to improve service, accounting, maintenance, etc., that companies take for the performance of their activities.

Respondents will be private and public institutions (government institutions, universities, non-governmental institutions).

Sampling will be conducted at random and will include 900 companies and a list of 170 public institutions.

Process on Field - August-September 2013

Publication of the report on the final results - December 2013

The questionnaire was designed in two types:

I- The Enterprises Questionnaire:

1. The overall situation;
2. Scientific research and development;
3. Innovation.

II- Public institutions Questionnaire:

1. The overall situation;
2. Scientific research and development;