INSTAT and Ministry of Agriculture have signed the memorandum of understanding in the field of statistics

31 Mar 2016 - 31 Mar 2016

The Director General of INSTAT, Ms. Mirela Muca and the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Resources, Mr. Panariti, on Thursday, 31.03.2016, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions in order to improve the functioning of the Official Statistics, of making more essential the work planning and commitment of this bilateral cooperation.

On the basis of this agreement, INSTAT and MARDWR will secure the data exchange produced within the scope of respective institutional statistical activities. For the production of official statistics, MARDWR will transmit to INSTAT the data's and the results included in the Official Statistics Program which will serve for the production of official statistics in some key indicators such as those of the contribution of agriculture to the Gross Domestic Product. Also, INSTAT is given the right of access to administrative data at the macro level or at the level that is required for the production of these statistical indicators