Survey purpose

Domestic Violence Survey was carried out with the intention of monitoring the domestic violence as a phenomenon to understand how much it is spread in our society. INSTAT in collaboration with UNDP made possible the realization of this survey. This survey is done to obtain information, to understand the extent of domestic violence, to help the interested  organizations and other programs to raise the awareness against this social phenomenon in Albania. For the first time this survey was conducted in 2007 in Albania.


The main objective of Domestic Violence Survey is to collect information on domestic violence where women/wives aged 18-55 years were on focus.

The questionnaire consists of different separate modules. The methodology used in the questionnaire design was the adaptation of similar surveys conducted in other countries and the experience of the survey in 2007 conducted in our country.

The survey was carried out using laptops and data editing is done in the end of each interview.


The instruments used for conducting the survey are:

- Computers;
- Domestic Violence Questionnaire 2013;
- Lists;
- Maps.


The survey sample was 3600 households. The sample is chosen randomly by two rounds of selection. The sample frame was provided from Population and Housing Census, October 2011. In the first round, Enumeration Areas have been chosen randomly and then households for each EA were chosen to be interviewed.

450 Enumeration Areas (EA) have been chosen in the first round. These areas are called PSUs. These areas are located in the villages and the cities. These Census areas are distributed to each team with an average of 20-25 EA. The unit of selection is the household, the identification of the households is done based on maps.

Survey progress

INSTAT is currently processing the survey data and the publication of data is expected in October 2013.