In this section you can find activities that INSTAT has undertaken and will undertake in the future.

22 Nov 2019
Tirana Internacional Hotel
The Albanian Institute of Statistics is pleased to present to all users of statistics, the Regional Statistical Yearbook, 2019 which contains data for the perio…
21 Oct 2019
Institute of Statistics
On the occasion of the European Statistics Day, which is organized every 20th of October, the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) opens its doors to all users of o…
20 Sep 2019
Rogner Hotel Tirana
Opening Conference for Population and Housing Census 2020
24 May 2019
Hotel Tirana International, Consortium Room
Violence Against Women and Girls in Albania, 2018
18 Mar 2019
Develop written communication skills to outreach to the general population and targeted population groups • Internal communication • Develop Techniques for Re…
05 Mar 2019
United Nations, New York
Mrs. Delina Ibrahimaj, Director General of Institute of Statistics, Albania, was part of the promotion video on the occasion of 50th session of the United Natio…
04 Sep 2018
Europe House in Palace of Congresses, Tirana
This conference will present the achievements of the project, in its aim to support the improvement of the quality, sustainability and efficiency of statistical…
19 Jun 2018
Geneva, Switzerland
More than 60 countries come together at the Conference of European Statisticians (CES) to drive statistical work in the UNECE region and beyond. The Conference…
07 Jun 2018
Tirana International Hotel
“Women and Men in Albania” is the latest publication of INSTAT, supported by UN Women and funded by the Austrian Development Agency, through which the Albanian …
16 May 2018
Europe House, Palace of Congress
Kick-off Meeting “Population & Housing Census 2020”